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Vampire Fashions

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Listings for sellers of related items and interesting articles.

Witch World Listing

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Listings for sellers and interesting articles.


Books | Wells Pierce Harvard Square

Publishers of Economics, Mysticism, Novels, Occult, Philosophy, Sexology, & Poetry.

Occult Meta Telegraph

Onine Magazine | Metaphysical

Information on meta selling markets & interesting mystical ideas and all arts.

Night Mind Live

Night Time Style Radio | Galactikos Media | Night People Talking

Bringing back the original fascinating and fun Late Night Radio & Late Night Television, and work on the level of open-end programs with original guests and talk. There are no political, or high pressure shows. Instead we try to use that Old time sense of wonder with new people and new ideas.

Marie Corelli First Telestic Novel Writer

Read Only | Occult Novels

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Marie Corelli wrote more than 100 novels and short stories. All her writing had some aspect of the occult that lies both inside and outside of people. Enjoy freely some of her greatest stories.

Blavatsky Levi Founders

Read Only | Foundation Mysticism

For Psychics, Magick Practitioners, Ritualists, & Spiritualists, this is a collection of lesser known texts of the 2 19th century pioneers of the Occult-Metaphysical. We have presented these with biographies, and free-copy-printable texts for you.

Sacher Masoch

Sacher Masoch

A Novel Soon


Kardec Kingsford Spirit Pioneers

Read Only | Lear Spiritualism

The Writings of Allan Kardec, Anna Kingsford and their immediate followers of Spiritualism (also called Spiritism) was a major world change and survived the attacks of Houdini and others. Here their writings can be freely read.

Shakti Kali Durga

Read Only | Great Powers of the Spiritual World

These respected extreme powers are important to understand.

River Styx Charon

Read Only | Mystical Humor

The River Styx and its boatman Xaron, have been the food of legend, mythology, & “tales of truth”. Here is the legend, the seriousness & fact, and incredibly clever humour.

Rasputin Files

Read Only | Gregory Rasputin

He remains an amazing and mysterious person; known as magician, Russian Orthodox priest; a sexual liberationist; a radical firebrand; a loving husband; a spiritualist; a healer; a protector; a “party-animal”; and a self-created loving father to the Romanov family. Was he murdered, or did he live until 1926? Most people called him a “Staritz” – a holy man, and currently – a saint.

Diva Birthing Power

Read Only | Divas appear suddenly. What? & Why?

From Helen of Troy to Eliza Poe to Lola Montez and forever is the Diva with her amazing powers

Zoism Viewing

Read Only | Mental Powers

From the late 1700s to the 1970s, there was a renaissance of “mental powers studies” Here is a source for much forgotten or publicly missing information.

Hammer of Riddles

Hammer of Riddles

A Novel Soon


Kafka Now

Kafka Now

Literary History

New articles and translations of the work of Franz Kafka; a prophet of both the 20th & 21st centuries.

The Styx Group


The Styx Group is a small group of friends working in the busines, promotional, and educational realms of Occult and Metaphysical areas.